G wisdom

The Wisdom of the Gnomes is an animated television program. It is a spin-off of David the Gnome, based on the 1976 book Gnomes.


Klaus is a judge who travels with his assistant Danny on Henry the Swan, trying to solve disputes and lawsuits between animals peacefully and wisely.


  1. "Klaus the Judge"
  2. "Loch Ness"
  3. "Trip to Canada"
  4. "The Magic Carpet"
  5. "The Winter Race"
  6. "Trip to Nepal"
  7. "The Gold-Diggers"
  8. "Adventure in the Arctic"
  9. "The Discovery of Ithaca"
  10. "The Carpathians"
  11. "Trip to Venice"
  12. "The Ballad of Gnomoshima"
  13. "The Gnome-Olympics"
  14. "Trip to Siberia"
  15. "Andalucia"
  16. "China"
  17. "France"
  18. "Hawaii"
  19. "The Stolen Mirror"
  20. "The Chamois"
  21. "Mystery in the Forest"
  22. "The Invitation from the Gnomewegians"
  23. "Argentina"
  24. "Dany's Wedding"
  25. "Holland"
  26. "Goodbye Klaus"